Wallace Eannace Delivers Prefab HVAC Solution to NYC – Hunter’s Point Project

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Wallace Eannace Delivers Prefab HVAC Solution to NYC – Hunter’s Point Project

Wallace Eannace, with manufacturing partners Xylem Bell & GossettMetraflex, and Tisdale Manufacturing, delivered high quality, energy efficient HVAC solutions to large building expansion project in Long Island City, NY.  Working with an exclusive project team hired by developer, Gotham OrganizationGilbane Building Company the construction management firm and R&S United Services, Inc. the mechanical contractor chose to work with Wallace Eannace, which contributed HVAC design and manufacturing assistance resulting in the delivery and installation of several compact prefabricated HVAC packages that reduced overall construction schedule, on-site labor, waste, and general risk. 

The project team included:


The Project

Rising at Hunters Point South, a 33-story towers clad in brick and glass expansion in Long Island City MEP. Design by and installed by Cosentini Associates, the 360-foot-tall, about 6,000 square feet building is part of a new complex that stretches about 40,000 square feet of retail and community facility space. A whopping 80% of units (roughly 900) will be permanently affordable apartments, 93 of which are to be earmarked for seniors of varying income levels.

The entire complex will yield 40,000 square feet of newly built space, with the main two towers holding about 1,200 residential rental units from 46 and 56 story towers. The homes will most likely be marketed as rental apartments and include affordable housing accounting for total inventory. In between the two towers is a 612-seat pre k to fifth-grade school to open in 2021.

According to Darryl Clark, Corporate Vice President Wallace Eannace, “I am extremely grateful to be a part of this project. Being a family man myself I always want to make sure my loved ones are living comfortably in their home   By Providing High – Efficiency Heating and Cooling equipment, we at Wallace Eannace are doing our part in making sure all families are comfortable.”

Fallon Blacharski at jobsite coordination inspecting a Tisdale Manufacturing Triplex Pump Skid   

High – efficiency equipment selected for the prefabricated skids, manufactured by Tisdale Manufacturing:

For 52 years Tisdale Manufacturing has assembled, tested, and delivered complete modular and prefabricated HVAC systems throughout the United States and around the world.  Using lean manufacturing methods, the latest engineering design software, and lower – cost labor and production facilities, they are able to be the most cost-effective prefabricated on the market.  According to Adam Hersh, Director Sales and Marketing, “We love working with our local representatives, like Wallace Eannace, to build custom, high quality, energy efficient solutions, that exceeds their end customer’s expectations.  It brings our employees extreme pride to see the project go from start to finish, concluding with a successful start-up and commissioning”. 

According to Louie Tisdale, VP Manufacturing, “Tisdale packages are custom designed and manufactured to each project’s unique performance requirements.  Most HVAC skids come complete with structural bases, vibration isolation, product controls, wired and terminating at an onboard junction box, welded distribution piping and headers, fully tested and secured for delivery to the job site or staging yard.  With the U.S. military as a customer, our performance has to be exact.  We pride ourselves on it”.


About Wallace Eannace

For over 96 years Wallace Eannace has brought innovative and cost-effective system solutions to the plumbing and HVAC industries through quality products and a local network of wholesale distributors.

Working with Engineers, Property Managers and Contractors, Wallace Eannace provides technical knowledge, sizing, design, and field support.


Darryl Clark, Wallace Eannace | 800.932.4454 | dclark@wea-inc.com

Adam Hersh, Manufacturing | 877.326.6223 | ahersh@tisdaleprefab.com

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