Our Services


Our Services

Working with Engineers, Property Managers and Contractors, Wallace Eannace provides technical knowledge, sizing, design, and field support.

We believe in the value of technical support for our industry. Our engineers use

Sizing and Design

Whether you need help designing a hydronic system for a 51 year old, 3

System Solutions

Pre Installation Assessment Our service teams are available to conduct a detailed field-survey of

Installation Support

Our service teams are available to conduct a detailed review of your system installation

Energy Efficiency Optimization

Our commissioning service assures that all systems and necessary components of the hydronic system


We contribute to industry education through the offering of monthly presentations, seminars, and training

Technical Training

Built to order pumps Utilizing our in-house, custom built, pump assembly shop, we are

Pumps Built to Order (BTO)

Need Sizing Help?

Multiple software and online calculators are available to help you select the correct products for your application.