Xylem Tariff & Inflation Related Price Increase

Effective: November 19, 2018

Files below include:  Xylem Nov 2018 wholesale ASCII price files, as well as a pdf version of the Xylem 2019 Price Book

IMPORTANT: Security Protection Notice

Tip: ASCII Files

“Please be aware that a SECURITY FUNCTION exits in EXCEL with a file extension of .CSV. The program allows you to save a .csv file one time without a problem. Should you save it a second time then any column that has 9 or more digits in the field will be converted to scientific notation, and will truncate the number, ie 62835945555 will become 62800000000.”

 TIP: PDF Document

  1. RIGHT CLICK on link for the price sheets
  2. Next, click on “Save Target As”
  3. Then, specify where you want to save the file. Open file.
  4. The new price sheets have a bookmark index to help you navigate pages.
  5. After you open the PDF document, if you don’t see the bookmarks, press the F5 key. An index tree will appear (similar to Windows Explorer). If you click on the “+” (plus) sign in front of a bookmark, the index will break down into more detail.