My Wallace Eannace salesman is always accessible to our staff.  We work closely to provide product training for our plumbing customers and are constantly discussing projects to ensure best solutions to our customers.  When our inventory is low, it is convenient to pull from Wallace Eannace’s warehouses in NJ or NJ.

NY Wholesale Supply Company

When we build new Apartments, we rely on Wallace Eannace for guidance on the most advanced products, ensuring long term savings through energy efficiency and optimal equipment life.  They have been a valued consultant to our company for over 7 years.

NY Development Firm

We work closely with Wallace Eannace when completing hydronic systems.  They ensure accurate product selection, sizing and design which typically exceed building performance expectations.  When the project is underway, they work closely with the mechanical contractor to ensure accurate installation.  From our standpoint, Wallace Eannace ensures a successful project.

NY/NJ Engineering Firm

Wallace Eannace provides my plumbing staff with the technical know how to complete a job accurately and quickly.  On complex projects, they will come to the job site before and/ or after equipment is installed as a double check.  They are a valued advisor to our company.

NJ Plumbing Company